Thursday, 31 January 2013

Meeseva Services | New Services Launched

Meeseva New Services Launched

                                                        Meeseva Services Very Usefully Services In Govt Planing  Successful Running Meeseva Centers In Andhrapradhesh  click here: meeseva 

New Services
Civil Supplies
  •  Ration Card Mutations- DOB Correction 
  •  Ration Card Mutations -Address Changes
  •  Ration Card Mutations-Name Corrections
  •  Fair Price Shop Renewal
 Revenue Service:   
  •  Appeals On Demarcation(HYD)
  •  CC of ROM(HYD)
  •  Demarcation (HYD)    
  •  Localization Of Properties (HYD)
  •  Prajavani   
Unified Birth And Death  
  •  Birth   Certificate- CDMA
  •  Death Certificate- CDMA
  •  Child Name Inclusion - CDMA
Police Department(SSDG)      
  •  Missing or Lost Documents / Articles
  •  Permission For Event Bandhobust
  •  Issuance Of Certificates
  •  Fresh Licenses or Renewals 
 New Service Applications Available 
                   LINK  :

 open the New Tab Link Copy Paste  Get Applications

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