Tuesday, 16 October 2012

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Over the years, a large number of initiatives have been undertaken by Andhra Pradesh and various others state Governments and Central Ministries to usher in an era of e-Government. Sustained efforts have been made at multiple levels to improve the delivery of public services and simplify the processes of accessing them. e-Governance in India has steadily evolved from computerization of Government Departments to initiatives that encapsulate the finer points of Governance, such as citizen centricity, service orientation and transparency.  The National e-Governance Plan (NeGP), takes a holistic view of e-Governance initiatives across the country, integrating them into a collective vision, a shared cause. Around this idea, a massive countrywide infrastructure reaching down to the remotest of villages is evolving, and large-scale digitization of records is taking place to enable easy, reliable access over the internet. The ultimate objective is to bring public services closer home to citizens, as

New Project From Andhra Pradesh Government The Project Name is "Mee Seva", Hello Friends So many people are searching about these Topic How to apply for Mee Seva franchise ?.
I have Answer. Just Follow these simple procedure.
These is the Procedure For Applying Meeseva Franchise :

Visit Aponline.gov.in After opening the Aponline Homepage In the website in the Left Side Last Corner Select On Apply For Aponline franchise Button And Select "New SDP Registration Form" Option You Will see Application Form And Fill Your Correct Details Name Father name Like this Enter Full Details Correctly. After Filling the Mee Seva Application Form. Write your registration number for future Application status Enquiry . Meeseva Officials Will contact you with in Seven Business Working Days So Please wait for A phone call from mee seva Officer.


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